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Friday, 27 January 2012

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I had quite a busy day yesterday. I made a few items including a 3D paper mache letter, a wooden letter and a memory/keepsake box.

The letter 'U' is made out of paper mache. I drew around the letter onto some scrapbooking paper, cut it out, primed around the edges and painted it green. Afterwards I added some stickers. As the letters are quite wide they can stand alone on a shelf or alternatively they can be put on the wall.

The letter 'E' (capital) is made from quality birch plywood. The font is 'Whimsical' I drew around the letter onto some scarpbooking paper, cut it out and then stuck it to the wooden letter. I primed the edges and then painted it blue. I then added embellishments.

The box is made of card. I primed the box and lid with Gesso, painted it 'ballet pink' and then added embellishments.

I experimented with different primers and the one that I found covered the items the best was Decopatch Gesso white acrylic covering paint. I also experimented with different acrylics and the one with the best coverage was FolkArt. I was disappointed with the coverage of DecoArt Americana paint. 

I really like the letters that have been covered with scrapbooking paper. I think I may discontinue the painted wooden letters and stick to covering the letters with scrapbooking paper. I feel it gives the letters a more professional look.

I added the items to eBay, Folksy and facebook.

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